How clean is your surgery?

Are you being treated well?

Clean instruments, reduced chance of cross infection.

When you spoil yourself with a special pampering treatment with your Beauty Therapist you should be confident that the environment is safe and clean.

At our treatment rooms here in Basildon you can be assured that all instruments are sterilised according to HCPC clinical guide lines which recommends the use of an autoclave.

An autoclave is a pressure chamber that is used to sterilize equipment and supplies. When these items are placed inside the autoclave they are exposed to high temperature steam (usually around 132 degrees Celsius or 270 degrees Fahrenheit) for about twenty minutes.

Otherwise we use one-time disposable products

We have a clinical environment where walls doors and floors are disinfected once a week or if required sooner.

We are fully aware of contagious infections and how easily they can be transmitted.

Cross contamination and cross infection is an issue that needs to be addressed and therefore we review our policies on a regular basis and remain committed to the cause.

So Relax, be Pampered and Enjoy Yourself in the knowledge that all is Clean and Safe

The Basildon Practice

38 Byfletts (Off Clayhill Road), Basildon, Essex